How To Remodel Your Bathroom

Are you thinking to give your bathroom a new and fresh look? Are you uncertain on the decision of buying new home which you like because of the outdated and unattractive bathroom? Do you want to sell your home but not able to do so because of old and unattractive bathroom? The solution of all of the above issues is to remodel your bathroom. Now remodeling your bathroom can be a bit difficult if you are tight on your budget. But however bathroom is not one of the most costly rooms in the whole house to remodel.  The pro regarding remodeling your bathroom is making the right choices which will give you better result with less cost. Remodeling your bathroom even with tight budget is all about planning and working cleverly. You need to make best possible efforts in planning while remodeling your bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom can become a lot easier if you go to a professional but it can cost you more. To save some bucks while remodeling your bathroom, you need to do some of the stuff yourself. Making wrong choices while remodeling your bathroom can prove to be a big mistake, it can increase on your budget and also deteriorate the look of your bathroom. On the other hand, if you remodel your bathroom in a right manner, it can add significantly to the resale value of your home. Here are some of the steps which will help you during remodeling your bathroom.

  • Check the tiles

Look of your bathroom can be really vulnerable if it has cracked, broken and old tiles and even grout can make your bathroom to look ugly. Thus make your focus on this small little stuff while remodeling your bathroom. Fix every single thing which needs to be fixed and then be amazed at the improvement you made and change you see by remodeling your bathroom. This is the small issues which can be fixed easily by you only. It don’t take much time to learn how to fix tiles and fix grout, a little bit practicing and you be good at it. But the one thing which you need to take care while remodeling your bathroom is to have patience. While tiling also you should be patient and observe accurately without compromising as it is not a kind of work where you can rush.

You can even try to change the color of your tile on a whole while remodeling your bathroom as it can give you a total changed feel of your bathroom. The effort you put in doing this will definitely give you a great result and also tiles are really affordable so if you are low on budget then this can be a really good idea while remodeling your bathroom.

If you are working on fixing the grout while remodeling your bathroom, then you can see regrouting tile, whitening grout, cleaning grout or grouting a tile floor.

  • Repaint the walls

Applying a new coat of paint on the walls of your bathroom is a great tip while remodeling your bathroom. If the walls of your bathroom are covered up with wallpaper then while remodeling your bathroom, you should remove the old wallpaper with the help of a steamer. If you don’t own a steamer then you can take it on rent and it is available in any home improvement store. Painting is also a do it yourself kind of work so you can be good on your budget while remodeling your bathroom. If you are painting your wall over already painted wall then make sure to remove sticky, dirty, flaked areas by cleaning them and sanding over them lightly. Before you start with the painting work while remodeling your bathroom, make sure that the walls are free of damp and mildew. Also check the source and along with that add up mildew inhibitor to your paint.

Before you start with the painting work, cover all the furniture with damp clothes or newspaper so that they don’t get dirty and you don’t have to clean them at the end of the painting work. Also cover the shower, tub, faucets and cabinets to save them from paint. If you fail to do so paint will stick on the stuff and it will deteriorate the look of your finished bathroom and half of the efforts of remodeling your bathroom will go in vain.

Now you must be confused regarding the color to pick, neutral colors will be a good choice as they will go with the style of any kind of bathroom and also it will last long especially if you are thinking of reselling your house. Try to hold on to colors like white, cream, beiges and such and add accessories so that it will highlight the color of your bathroom.

  • Refurbish wood cabinets

Try to sand the woods on the existing cabinets and try to stain it or you can even try to sand the wood and paint it again with such a color which complements with the walls of your bathroom. Make sure that you use waterproof latex paint and if possible try to use white paint.

Before painting your cabinets check if there are any broken parts or dents. If there are any broken parts or dents then try to fix it and then go for painting, varnishing or staining. If there are any loose parts, then it should be glues or nailed into its original place firmly. Any of the loose parts should be fixed as it can loosen up further and can create damage to your bathroom and deteriorate the whole look of your bathroom. While remodeling your bathroom, you can also add up carpets and rugs or curtains or else you can also decorate it with towels. Try to keep closed wooden cabinets as it will hide your stuff and save your bathroom from looking untidy. But if your cabinets are open then you should organize your stuff in a way that it looks decent and tidy.